Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Jack-in-the-Box

The Jack-in the-box jumps up
The Jack-in-the-box goes flop
The Jack-in-the-box turns around and around
And the lid comes down with a plop

Peep Squirrel

Peep squirrel, peep squirrel
Do-da diddle-um, do-da diddle-um
Peep squirrel, peep squirrel
Do-da, diddle-um dum

This Little Squirrel

This little squirrel said "Let's run and play"
This little squirrel said "Let's hunt nuts today"
This little squirrel said "Yes, nuts are good"
This little squirrel said "They're our best food"
This little squirrel said "Come climb this tree,
And crack these nuts, 1,,2,,3,,"

Ride a Little Horsey

Ride a little horsey
Down to town
You better be careful
So you don't fall down

I Have a Little Pony

I have a little pony
His name is Macaroni
He trots and trots and then he stops......
My funny little Macaroni Pony

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Round About

Round about, round about
Went a wee mouse
Up a bit, up a bit
In a wee house
Rund aboot, rund aboot
Went a wee moose
Oop a bit, oop a bit
In a wee hoose

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Have 5 Pets

I have five pets I'd like you to meet
They all live down on Mulberry Street
This is my chicken, the smallest of all
start with the little finger
He always comes running whenever I call
This is my duckling, he says,
"Quack, quack, quack"
As he shakes the water from his back
Here is my rabbit, he runs from his pen
Then I must put him back again
This is my kitten, her coat is black and white
She loves to sleep on my pillow at night
This is my puppy who has lots of fun
He chases the others and makes them run



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